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Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.

Margaret Wheatley


“Lela is the most resourceful, forward-thinking, creative and resilient person I have had the pleasure to encounter. There has been no challenge she has not been able to meet with overwhelming success. As a multi-lingual, multi-talented Executive Leader, she is one of the greatest assets to any organization in which she chooses to work.” Laurel Rutledge, former VP Global Strategy, Covestro (Bayer)

“Lela is laser-focused on building organizational success. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding a variety of areas including talent management, leadership and strategic planning. Her international experience makes her uniquely qualified to successfully address challenging issues. By far, she is one of the most professional, talented, exceptional communicators I have worked with.” Rita Craig, President, Top Tier Leadership

"I had the privilege of working with Lela on the Board of Directors of Rapid Response Housing Solutions (RRHS), a nonprofit organization that works to solve homelessness in San Diego’s North County. As President of the Board, Lela was the guiding light and force behind the many successful endeavors that RRHS achieved. Lela is extremely dedicated, hard working, a very quick study and a pleasure to work with. Should one have the opportunity to work with Lela, I recommend taking that opportunity. You will be well rewarded." John Ranieri, Former CFO, Geller & Co

“Lela is a professional with a very deep knowledge of organization development, and always updated and willing to share her knowledge. She has strong ethical principles and always behaves accordingly with these principles, demonstrating admirable intellectual honesty, and standing firmly for what she believes. Regarding her execution skills Lela has strong discipline and is very committed to delivering what she promises. She is a good orchestrator and navigates very well in our very complex matrix organization, having also developed a very good understanding of Microsoft’s business...She has been making an important contribution to the Brazilian subsidiary in building the organization capability that will take it to the next level.” Michel Levy, GM Microsoft, Brazil

“Lela's hallmarks are her integrity, passion, vision, and professionalism. Lela is passionate in her work to help corporate talent truly realize their potential. Her vision for how things "could and should be" raises the bar on success for the organizations she counsels and supports. And she executes with amazing professionalism and focus in one of the most high-pressure, driven and dynamic corporations in the world, Microsoft. Working with Lela is both a pleasure and a chance to make a difference.” Julie Maloney, Director, Leadership Coaching at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

“I have worked with Lela as my career coach for less than a year; however it is hard to overstate the impact that her professional advice has had in my career. Her insights, experience, preparation and discipline never cease to amaze me; she expands my vision every single time we talk. Having Lela as a coach is one of the best decisions of my two decades of professional experience; I highly recommend her.”

Guillermo Duran, Americas Commercial Escalations Manager, Microsoft


"I heard Lela speak three years ago to a professional women's organization I'm a part of. Her practical advice about professional development planning seemed so useful that I contacted her afterward. She shared a few documents and recommended a book for me as I developed my own plan. Three years later, that help has changed my life. It's given me the confidence to educate myself, seek honest feedback and pursue new, out-of-my-comfort-zone opportunities. I credit Lela with helping me harness my professional excitement into a plan that has become my professional backbone."

Meg Dickinson, Director of Communications, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

"Lela is a consummate professional who's commitment to empowering the disenfranchised is only surpass by her superb organizational skills and business acumen. It's an honor and a privilege to collaborate with Lela on various efforts that promote community engagement and inclusiveness for all citizens and residents of our community."

Wes Pratt, Chief Diversity Officer/Assistant to President, Missouri State University

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