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Training for Law Enforcement & First Responders

An inspiring program for those on the front line, who protect and serve, to maintain a legacy of positive leadership in the community. Enforcing the law and keeping peace in the 21st century are increasingly challenging environments in which to serve, especially in a highly connected and media saturated world. The academy excels at teaching officers fundamental principles, procedures and techniques of tactical law enforcement. MindGuard provides a comprehensive and personalized training program grounded in the latest neuroscience research. With MindGuard, participants increase awareness of biases and reconnect with the clarity of purpose in a challenging profession. 


Leap Into Leadership is a proud member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Ms. Panagides is a Blue Courage Certified Instructor. 




Click on PDF to see MindGuard brochure.

MindGuard is the only program that donates half of its proceeds to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund 

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