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Why is Being Imperfect So Hard?

For many of us, we strive to be the best. But what does that mean and at what cost? Does 'best' mean perfect or good enough? Are we ever really satisfied? When can we say we reached the top? Perhaps there is a strong connection between perfectionism and control. The more we feel perfect the more we feel in control and vice-versa. If the world around us is in chaos (or we feel as if it is), then we double down on wanting to be in control which then strengths the need to be perfect. Similarly, if we feel anxious inside, then having a sense of control=perfectionism helps to mitigate those feelings or at least keep them contained. Research on happiness shows that those who surrender to the present moment, whatever that may be, are more content. If we are willing to let go, even a bit, we may open ourselves to greater trust, wisdom and happiness. It is worth a try.

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