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Question Your Lens

During the Olympics, my family gathers in the evening to watch the games together. With all great sporting events that are televised, there are also a number of intriguing commercials to capture one’s attention; at least that’s what the advertisers hope to accomplish. One commercial that caught my attention this week is Google phone’s ‘Question Your Lens’ about the inspiring 83-year-old Sumiko Iwamuro who challenges conventional stereotypes. Watch here:

In my work with individuals and organizations, I find this ‘questioning one’s lens’ a powerful tool to have a deeper conversation about the tenacity of the status quo. When we gain self-awareness of our own assumptions, we can open our minds to new perspectives and more easily and comfortably adapt to change. Individuals and organizations who do this successfully create new possibilities, products and opportunities for themselves, their employees and their customers.

So, thank you, DJ Sumirock, for inspiring us all!

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