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What Caught My Attention at Apple's Product Launch

This week, Apple launched its impressive new suite of products. I watched the entire 2 hour keynote and above everything and anyone else, one person and one product caught my attention and I couldn't stop thinking about it. As part of Apple TV 4K's launch, a new game was featured for its platform. It's called Sky and it was developed by That Game Company. Co-Founder and Creative Director, Jenova Chen, talks about this new game in this interview. Probably, the last video game I played with any rigor and consistency was Ms. PacMan in 1982. However, I was so thrilled and excited about Sky, I'm actually looking forward to exploring this game when it hits the market in a few months. Since I'm not an expert in the area of video games, I rely on the observations of my 11-year-old son and his friends. It seems that many or most games are based on the premise of competitive opposition and winning results from annihilation of the other player(s). Sky is a rare exception. What's compelling is that a player gets ahead in the game by exhibiting and playing with compassion and generosity, not violence. Now, isn’t that a game changer?! It makes me wonder how the world would be different if we were all brought up on games that required collaboration, cooperation, generosity and compassion. In developing the game, Jenova Chen said, "We are all connected. I think true happiness comes from a person who is genuinely wanting to help others." I couldn't agree more.

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