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Lela's 5 Life Hacks

In preparing for a talk next week in Redmond, WA on Microsoft's campus, I reflected on an opening statement. Usually, I leave my best and most important tips for last so the audience can 1) remember the last thing I said, and 2) decide to take action on it, or 3) at a minimum, reflect on what was just shared. This time, however, I decided that I would put the most important information up front and that includes my 5 Life Hacks. They are:

1. Be Yourself: everyone else in taken.

2. Practice Gratitude: it changes your brain and the world.

3. Use Your Privilege for Good: recognize your privileges and help others who are not as privileged as you.

4. Be Aware of Your Biases and Where They Came From: work towards an inclusive world.

5. Exercise: it strengthens your brain and body.

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